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Gerry McCulloch is a still and moving-image artist from Glasgow working in photography, cinema and painting. His work is motivated by a fascination for the secret narratives that are hidden in the pre-conscious machinery of our everyday acts of perceiving.


Filming Disgraceful Conduct on location.Filming Disgraceful Conduct on location.


Gerry has undertaken photo and cine work around the world and has collaborated with characters as diverse as Helena Bonham-Carter and Fidel Castro. In 2006, he launched the MA in Filmmaking at Goldsmiths, University of London where he led the cinematography pathway for 17 years.


Helena Bonham-Carter in The GalleryHelena Bonham-Carter in The Gallery


Gerry operates Darshana Photo Art, was formerly a director of Untold Productions and previously did a stint as a BBC film editor. He has cine credits in film drama, documentary, television advertising commercials, promotional music videos and experimental screen forms. 



Gerry's visual practice takes a number of forms:


• Film & Television Cinematography


• Still & Moving-image Photography


• Immersive Film Art


• Light & Pigment Painting


• Feature Documentaries



Opening film of Transpires exhibition at London Sonic Immersive Media Lab.


Gerry's work has been exhibited at Getty Images Gallery, Los Angeles Centre for Digital Art, Rotterdam Centre of Contemporary Art, the Sonic Immersive Media Lab, Kagyu Samye Dzong, The Mall Gallery, The Strand Gallery, Dulwich Picture Gallery, Oxo Gallery, Embassy Warehouse, Greenwich Viewfinder, Goldsmiths Gallery, Photofusion, m2 Gallery and ASC Gallery.

Background of TranspiresBrief Presentation of the themes in Gerry's work.


He has made films with household names and has undertaken photo and cine work in Namibia, Senegal, Cuba, Canada, USA, Mexico, Venezuela, Japan, Tibet, Nepal, Laos, Sri Lanka, India, Cambodia, Burma, Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia and most countries in Europe. Between military dictatorships, he contributed to the rebuilding of Arts Higher Education in Burma at the National universities of Yangon and Mandalay.


With Myanmar Photographic Society in Yangon.With Myanmar Photographic Society in Yangon.


His work has featured in a range of publications including The Guardian, Daily Telegraph, Wall Street Journal, Laissez Faire and Tricycle magazines. While devising the Goldsmiths curriculum, Gerry completed two Fellowships and was presented with a Peake award for excellence in teaching.

His advisory roles include Academic Link to the Puttnam School of Film in Singapore and External Examiner to Cine & Photo programmes at Bournemouth University, Queen Mary, University of London and the University of Surrey. He has lectured internationally on the topic of screen storytelling.



Gerry offers one-on-one Visual Storytelling coaching for artists, photographers and filmmakers. Contact [email protected] to arrange an informal chat about your project.


Filming at Kagyu Monlam Chenmo, Bodh Gaya.Filming at Kagyu Monlam Chenmo, Bodh Gaya.
Gerry's pictures adorn the fridge doors of his friends and admirers. You can read their comments here.



Untold Productions comments:


The Observer: “Makes the eyes brim and the heart swell. Inspiring, moving and personal.”


The Guardian: “Glorious and uplifting. A little piece of magic charted with warmth and humanity. Dispels the myth that there’s such a thing as an ‘ordinary’ person.


The London Evening Standard: "Filmmaking of great warmth, a quality that many filmmakers filter out of their work nowadays, mistakenly equating cynicism with objectivity.” 


Time Out: “A memorable gem. A factual subject approached creatively. A film that doesn’t pander to the trend for idiot narration set against bite-sized chunks of exposition.”


The Morning Star: “A joy to watch. The filmmakers deserve plaudits galore for this major achievement.”


Isolates of Valid Perception Exhibition



Transpires comments:


“This artwork brings us a step closer to world peace.”


“It should be mandatory for Heads of State to participate in this experiment.”


"These film portraits celebrate human vulnerability in a manner that empowers."


 “I would take part in this project on a weekly basis if I could.”



More comments here.


With cinematographer Cesar Charlone ABC (City of God, City of Men, The Constant Gardener)

TV interview about Transpires.TV interview about Transpires.



With legendary cinematographers Witold Stok and Christopher Doyle.With legendary cinematographers Witold Stok and Christopher Doyle.



Commuting Kerala-style.Commuting Kerala-style.



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