Comments from the Darshana Guestbook



Makes the eyes brim and the heart swell. Inspiring, moving and personal. (The Observer on Photo to Castro)


I found these images atmospheric and joyous. The Darshana website itself has a kind of mysterious quality to it too . . . like being inside someone's dream. (Francesca Armour-Chelu)


Your subjects appear to smile with their whole being. (Magdalena Trojankiewicz)


These photos did a strange thing to me: they made me slow down. And breathe. And look. Some left me quite breathless. They are amazingly beautiful and crisp and just – in many ways – different. (Lea Wyler)


This artwork brings us a step closer to world peace. (Nurbana Asena on Transpires)


Filmmaking of great warmth; a quality that many filmmakers filter out of their work nowadays - mistakenly equating cynicism with objectivity. (The London Evening Standard on Photo to Castro)


Great cinematography. The look and feel of the images is just right. High quality, beautiful, from the heart. A glimpse into another world beyond the everyday. Dignified and sincere as befits the topic. (Vin Harris, Producer of More than One Life)


It should be mandatory for heads of state to participate in this experiment. (Inga Tillere on Transpires)


Glorious and uplifting. A little piece of magic charted with warmth and humanity. Dispels the myth that there's such a thing as an 'ordinary' person. (The Guardian on Photo to Castro)


When I ventured out on my “essential” shopping trip in week five of lockdown, I made a discovery worth sharing. While the world is abiding by the 2m social distancing rule, m2 Gallery in Peckham is giving back to the street by showing a public 24/7 exhibition called Pause by Gerry McCulloch. The presence-absence paradox made me realise all the ways in which we were already socially distant before lockdown was imposed. The pandemic has not changed us; it has revealed our interdependencies. This exhibition demonstrates how solitude emphasises our connection. (Carolin Meyer on Pause)


I would take part in this project on a weekly basis if I could. (Meiling Della Grotte on Transpires)


Your pictures of our Marina Abramovic event are wonderful! Finding people who blend in as you do and can capture such a unique event is rare. Your photos are an incredible encapsulation of a very special evening. We submitted selected images to Marina A for approval which she gave. Big big thank you - we are so happy and grateful. (Ven. Thubten Drolma


Thank you so much for sharing your work ! It makes me very happy! (Marjo Rudnitskaya)


I want to let you know how much I have loved looking through your website. I am sitting here, stunned by the beauty of the pictures in your galleries. Truly amazing and beautiful images. Thank you so very much for putting them out there for people like me to access. Takes me back to when I too was a world traveller, and makes me feel like setting out again!! (Ali Johnston)


Eloquent luminosity. (Michelle Martin)


Immortal moments ! (Elda Natalia)


A memorable gem. A factual subject approached creatively. A film that doesn't pander to the trend for idiot narration set against bite-sized chunks of exposition. (Time Out on Photo to Castro)


Takes your breath away and touches your heart. (Anaya Cullen)


A joy to watch. The filmmakers deserve plaudits galore for this major achievement. (The Morning Star on Photo to Castro)


These images emanate a wonderful energy; they truly contain more than the moment . . . (Gabi Jarvey)


Your work is stunning; you have a rare talent for bringing out the best and most beautiful qualities of your subjects. (Jane Wright)


Many congratulations and blessings for yourself and for the wonderful content and expression of your great work! What a meaningful and fascinating life you have created for yourself as a visionary and mapmaker! (Ramona Sekowski)


I am moved each time I look at these images. I am giving a presentation for architects on ephemeral beauty and would love to use your pictures to demonstrate art as a fleeting and evolving moment in time. Your images are wonderful. (Kristen Brown)


Superb images to luxuriate in. Your deep interest in spirituality shows in your pictures of Jamyang London and Geshe Tashi Tsering. There are some really beautifully composed pictures and you really have conveyed the full range of Geshe La's facial expressions. Not a duff image here. Thanks a million - outstanding work. (Mike Murray)


I'm at Samye Dzong looking at the pictures in your exhibition - a series of portraits and some montages. 

I just wanted to tell you that I am enjoying them very much. They are excellent. Thank you. (Julian Amery)


I have just spent the last half an hour looking through your photos. Amazing perception ! Wonderful pictures, particularly of Samye Dzong. Great images of Krishna celebrations too - and the brave young girl with the elephant ! (Stephanie Kearins)


Your stills are moving images !!! As soon as I woke up after the event I was marvelled to see the amazing photos that you had once again artistically rendered. The way you bring certain moments to life is amazing. You have art and style which I believe is irreplaceable. I am in awe of your services. (Surinder Shandilya)


Yours are the iconic portraits of two radiant and beloved Zen teachers: Daizan Roshi and Shinzan Roshi. I have loved and admired these incredible portraits for years :-) Thank you so much! (Mary Hartley Platt)


Several months ago I was lead to your website and all the wonderful photographs therein. I discovered it was you who had taken a picture I have so often used, of Akong Rinpoche. It's one of my favourites and depicts him as I like to remember him. I also learned from Samye Dzong that you uploaded your selection of Akong Rinpoche photos as an offering for people to use, shortly after his death. And so I just wanted to say thank you. (Jane Wright)


These words by Leaonard Cohen popped into my mind when I was reflecting on your photos: “Ring the bells that still can ring, Forget your perfect offering, There is a crack in everything, That’s how the light gets in.” (Vin Harris)


Outstanding pictures ! You have a superb artistic eye. You have conveyed the whole mood and spiritual dignity of our event. I wish to personally thank you for these photos and your amazing service. (Vinay Tanna)


These pictures bring me so much joy. (Lisa Tully)


Such kindness here. (Helen Towers)


Your pictures are so powerful; they convey the moment and the atmosphere beautifully. Thank you for these images. (Chris Walton)


I much admired your work at the Dulwich Picture Gallery. (Helen Ballardie)


Great adventures and storytelling. (Lise-Mare Lejamtel)


​The picture of the deer and peacock is so amazingly beautiful and peaceful. (Marisol Kucharek)


​These images are breathtaking - especially the one used for the Isolates exhibition poster. (Amba Sayal-Bennet)


​Thank you for your sumptuous photography. (Trisha Labdron)


What WONDERFUL photos. Arresting and beautiful. (Sue Bolton)


Incredible pictures ! (Jose Manuel Gonzalez)


I love seeing the Sakyong and every one of those special teachers shining out of your images. Also the participants of the flashmob meditation - so beautiful. (Ali Warner)


Beautiful pictures of amazing Sacred Art by the Tashi Lhunpo Monks. (Chico Dall’Inha)


I checked out your Photo Exhibition yesterday with our visitors from a partner university in Tokyo and they really liked your picture of the train carriage in Japan! (Anna Bernadska)


Just looking at the photos in your exhibition and I REALLY like them ! (Nick Couldry)


Great images - some of which I can really identify with. We should have a show together one day… (Gilles Massot)


Thank you for your amazing website. It is truly inspiring. (Malcolm Moore)


Wonderful photography ! (Sarah-Tabea Sammel)


These photos really evoke some candid, relaxed and intimate moments. (Jorg Wagner)


Darshana Photo Art pictures are truly very beautiful. Many of my friends have seen these images and think they are magnificent. (Julienne McLean)


Beautiful images! Lama Yeshe looks like he's about to walk off my screen in that portrait of him with the Thangka in the background. (Lydia Polzer)


These photos are beautiful. They contain so much warmth; I really love the quality of the colours. (Ani Drolma)


LOVE your Images ! (Rajesh)


Your pictures reminded me of these words by T S Elliot: "Half-heard, in the stillness between two waves of the sea" (Marylin Harris)


Beautiful and powerful, especially the close ups of the monks' faces. (Miriam Hall)




Incredibly stunning images. (Simon Berkowitz)


I saw a similar Sand Mandala ceremony at Dalhousie in India many years ago. Your beautiful pictures are a happy reminder. (Sarita Armstrong)




Quite beautiful. (Frances Hollis)



I have very much enjoyed looking through the photos of Samye Dzong, London.  They illustrates very well what an impressive project the whole reconstruction has been and the level of love and dedication that has gone into it. (Stewart Morgan)


Terrific ! (Ken Holmes)


All these photos are fab. I was especially struck by the one of the man lighting a butter lamp. I love this photo; the light is just stunning. (Amanda Green)


Wonderful photos - thank you for sharing. (David Quirk Thornton)


Wow! These images are absolutely wonderful – very cinematic. Fabulous ! (Paul Wooton)


I looked at your work online and really liked the strong documentary style especially the portraits series and Jamyang series. I think that your work would look really fantastic in our gallery space. (Suzie Partridge, Brick Lane Gallery)



I've just looked at your portraits of Tibetan teachers - they are stunning. (Theo Whelan)


I find Darshana Photo Art images luminous and numinous - they do communicate something of the dharma for me. I saw them in an exhibition at Kagyu Samye Dzong, London. The rather surreal image of the Buddha concealed in polythene speaks to me of my own process and indeed the process of Core Process Psychotherapy which is informed by Buddhism. We all have Buddha nature, but this gets obscured by our habitual patterns and character strategies. Nevertheless, at our 'core' is something unconditioned, empty - pure. (Paul Vallance)


I have to say that these pictures are really beautiful and evocative. (Antonella Cavallone)


Awesome portraits! (Nicolas Laborie)


Great pictures! (Kasia Zurawska)


Look at all those radiant faces! (Tulja Slitanen)


Beautiful photos . . . beautiful people. (Sue Lindop)


These visuals are exquisite. (Tony Dowmunt)


When I was a teenager in the 90s, I was interested in photography, and had an old Minolta camera. I appreciate good photo art and your photos are really beautiful. (Max Pohlendt)


Lovely Photos ! (Sarasa Krishnan)


The photos of Kagyu Samye Dzong are absolutely gorgeous. (David Bates)


I can’t tell you how much I appreciate the photos you have done for us. When I first arrived at our event, I realized there wasn’t as much colour on display as at our regular events. I feared the pictures might be rather black and white as many of the participants were in suits and ties. However, you have arrived at a nice balance between colour, culture and corporate requirements. Over and above the colour, I am impressed with how you have captured the mood and expressions on people’s faces. It really illustrates how well we connected with each other. I shall cherish this event and these photos for a long time. Thank you so much for all your efforts and expertise. (Caitanya Jivan Das)


These pictures are amazing, thank you so much!!! (Tessa Watt)


Beautiful Portraits (Jude McLoughlin)


Wow, there are some fabulous pictures on this site. (Kelle Link) 


When I walked into your exhibition at Kagyu Samye Dzong, it made my day. Your photos are excellent: such a soft light, and you have really captured the moment. As you have made so many beautiful pictures, I wondered how you were able to choose which ones to include in the exhibition. I am really so grateful for the time, inspiration and energy you have contributed. (Lama Zangmo)


Wonderful pictures of Geshe Tashi. Very Beautiful. (Natascha Sturny)


Thank you so much for the wonderful images. (Denise Boorman)


Great work - your instincts seem to be right on. (Mark Whaley)


I like these photos very much ! (Jo Ann Kaplan)


Beautiful ! (Rupert Jones)


Thank you for bringing a little colour into our monochromatic world. (Peter Murtagh)




What a collection of images from Bodh Gaya and Varanasi ! Love the black and white - so dramatic. (Jacqui Cheal)




Illumination ! (Marty Yule)




Poetic ! (Mehmet Aksoy)




Excellent ! Huge respect to you. (Phil O’Beirne)




Spectacular ! (Mick Catmull)




Your photos always move me. (Susan Cofer Jones)




You' are very generous with your gifts and skills. These images are absolutely wonderful. (Daizan Roshi)


I feel like the UK Vedic Society was born to help heal the nation through Darshana Photo Art. The world awaits these photos as a window on the spiritual world. His Holiness Swami Radhanath Maharaj sends you his blessings of gratitude for enabling him to spread peace and love through your photography. I can assure you that you are having a positive global impact by sharing your photos with the world. (Sri Radharamana Dasa)


These photos are really beautiful. (Ani Paldron)


Great pictures that really encapsulate the energy of our events. And that is a great image of the Japanese train conductor ! (Claire van Rhyn)


The college has received so many positive comments about your work and use of the NAB exhibition space for your Isolates show. It's had a really big impact – thanks ! (Hugh MacNicol on behalf of Goldsmiths)


Krishna arranged that I bump into Sri Radharamana Prabhu today. He was INCREDIBLY complementary about not only the quality and ethos of your images - which we're all aware of - but also of your professionalism, attitude and character. He further praised your commitment in attending last minute changes to our programme. Thank you. (David Crick)