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10 videos
Excerpts from a cross-section of Gerry's broadcast Film & Television Cinematography


• Film Comedy - The Gallery starring Helena Bonham-Carter

• Television Drama: Down Among the Deadmen starring Tony Booth

• Television Documentary: Photo to Castro featuring Fidel Castro

• Film Drama: Disgraceful Conduct starring Cathy White

• Arthouse: Mickey Finn starring Mark Vegh

• Television Feature: Hands That Really Grip starring Paul Whitehouse

• TV Advertising Commercial: Dyke Blend starring Fay Masterson

• Pop Promo: Scream starring Nut

• Experimental: Orbital's The Saint starring Roger Moore

• Docu-drama in progress: Akong starring Dr Choje Akong Tulku Rinpoche. (Please email for password.)

Montage of film clips