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10 videos
Excerpts from a cross-section of Gerry's broadcast Film & Television Cinematography


• Film Comedy - The Gallery starring Helena Bonham-Carter

• Television Drama: Down Among the Deadmen starring Tony Booth

• Television Documentary: Photo to Castro featuring Fidel Castro

• Film Drama: Disgraceful Conduct starring Cathy White

• Arthouse: Mickey Finn starring Mark Vegh

• Television Feature: Hands That Really Grip starring Paul Whitehouse

• TV Advertising Commercial: Dyke Blend starring Fay Masterson

• Pop Promo: Scream starring Nut

• Experimental: Orbital's The Saint starring Roger Moore

• Docu-drama in progress: Akong starring Dr Choje Akong Tulku Rinpoche. (Please email for password.)

Montage of film clips


The Gallery

Dyke Blend

Down Among the Deadmen

Disgraceful Conduct

Photo To Castro

Mickey Finn

Hands That Really Grip


The Saint