What the papers said about Untold Productions' Photo to Castro



“Makes the eyes brim and the heart swell. Inspiring, moving and personal.”

The Observer



“Glorious and uplifting. A little piece of magic charted with warmth and humanity. Dispels the myth that there’s such a thing as an ‘ordinary’ person.”

The Guardian



“A cabbie who will certainly have something to talk to his passengers about when he gets home. A quirky film about a quirky character. ”

The Times



“Now there’s a likely story - and its true !”

The Telegraph



“Diplomacy as never before. This touching film makes excellent viewing.”

The Sunday Express



“A film of great warmth, a quality that many documentary makers filter out of their work nowadays, mistakenly equating cynicism with objectivity. An honest account of two men’s sincere belief in what is undoubtedly a remarkably brave society, led by an extraordinarily charismatic statesman.”

The London Evening Standard



“A memorable gem. A factual subject approached creatively. A film which carries the whiff of individuality and which doesn’t pander to the trend for idiot narration set against bite-sized chunks of exposition.”

Time Out



“A joy to watch. A film that is fun, has a serious message and brings enlightenment about another country and culture. The verbal sparring between the atheist cabbie and the Catholic priest provide some truly comic moments and the weaving in of serious political issues is handled so well that viewers will not feel preached at. The filmmakers deserve plaudits galore for this major achievement.”

The Morning Star



“An entertaining yet serious film packed with human interest and sprinkled with plenty of humour.”

The Catholic Voice