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Guestbook for Akong Rinpoche
Karma Chochi(non-registered)
I look forward to Our Beloved 17th Karmapa finding You and that You return to Your Beloved Monasteries; both in Tibet and then Scotland.
May The Lord Buddha always watch over Your Family and May You Be Blessed with a Swift Rebirth into the arms of The Dharma.
I miss You greatly, a humble Thank You for Everything, Dearest Akong
Lois Hague(non-registered)
Such a sad loss of a wonderful man. He is and will be much missed. Thank you for these terrific pictures, which remind of thanks and gratitude to him for how much he bestowed and enriched so many lives.
john wyndham(non-registered)
I just wanted to say that it must be very sad for The Community over the world, to loose such a wonderful teacher of the Dharma in such a manner. May prayers go to you all and the successful rebirth of Choje Akong Tulka Rinpoche
Uwe Bartsch(non-registered)
Just thanks for these amazing images of the most important person in my life. Than you.
Guy Rowland(non-registered)
I pray that all the millions of good seeds he planted throughout his life may continue to grow forever, until all beings reach enlightenment. Today we are sad, but there is much to be thankful for, and he will be back!