Slate 1 Take 1

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Slate 1 Take 1 from Rachit Sai Barak on Vimeo.

Checkout this short BFI documentary made by Ratchit Sai Barak. Rachit is a Cinematography graduate from last year's Goldsmiths MA in Filmmaking. The subject of his film is three of his fellow Cinematographers on the course - Tatjana Hafenbraedl, Simona Brambila and Chia Han Hsu. Rachit is from India, Tatjana is from Germany, Simona is from Italy and Chia Han is from Taiwan.

Right after their last gradation shoots, 3 cinematography students, reflect upon their 11 months journey in London. The film is an account about these students who share how they have changed in last few months, challenges they have overcome, relationships they have developed and their aspirations for future. In the college studio and on their last student film set, they talk about how their experiences this year that have shaped their knowledge about themselves, the sector and people around them.

Filmed by the cinematographers themselves, the film is a collaborative project to highlight some of the personal and professional challenges faced by young cinematographers who move to London to find work or to study filmmaking. The film was made as part of BFI Doc Next Media Lab 2013.


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