Teaching Visit to Singapore

November 22, 2014  •  Leave a Comment

During this visit I’m staying in the Kampong Glam district of Singapore opposite Arab Street, near Sultan Mosque- a vibrant neighbourhood replete with Middle Eastern style al fresco restaurants and music bars.

The selfie phenomenon appears to be getting a little out of hand in Singapore.

My working week commences with a visit to Photographer Paul Kohl at Nanyang Technological University

As usual, Paul and I have a lively discussion, during which I update him about the progress of my Isolates AVPhD and Identity collaboration with Gisli Snaer, Head of the Puttnam School of Film at Lasalle College of the Arts.

I am especially looking forward to utilising an EyeDirect Interrotron device to create slow motion moving-image portraits that involve engaging the eye contact of participants. 

I intend to screen these images cinema-size as components of future twin exhibitions in London and Singapore. The work involves much planning and I should be ready to commence filming in June - July.

On to the Puttnam School of Film at Lasalle College of the Arts where I’m running film module design sessions for staff . . . 

. . . and teaching Visual Storytelling to undergraduate film students.

As well as teaching sessions and the staff collaboration with Gisli, I’m facilitating a student collaboration between both sets of students on this trip.

The project involves Goldsmiths and Lasalle students collaborating on grading the locked picture cuts of this year’s Goldsmiths graduation films that will be screened at BAFTA in January. My Goldsmiths student cinematographers are excited to be visiting Singapore over the next few weeks. Watch this space for updates . . .

After a hard working week, it was time for my other friend Paul and I to enjoy Saturday night out on the town. We started the evening at a lovely Japanese restaurant in Kandahar Street and moved on to see a great live band at the Blue Jazz cafe in Bali Street . . .

. . . not to mention belly dancing in the streets of Kampong Glam.

Luckily I woke up on Sunday morning just in time to catch my flight to Mumbai. As I depart for India, my first two student cinematographers - Mary from Ireland and Chris from Ecuador - arrive in Singapore to begin their collaboration at Lasalle . . .


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