Chico Interview re forthcoming film Akong: A Remarkable Life

November 10, 2013  •  Leave a Comment

Interview with Film Director Chico Dall'Inha by Lisa Tully about the forthcoming film Akong: A Remarkable Life. The next phase of filming will take place in India and Nepal in January 2014.

Akong Tulku Rinpoche, born in Kham in Eastern Tibet in 1941, was quickly recognized as a reincarnate lama and enthroned as the Abbot of Drolma Lhakhang Monastery at the age of only four years. In 1959, tensions between China and Tibet reached breaking point and Akong was forced to undertake a dangerous journey across the Himalayas on foot to India aged nineteen.

From the party of over two hundred Tibetans that set off, only fifteen survived the grueling ten-month ordeal. When they reached their destination, living conditions in Buxadaur refugee camp in Assam were extremely poor. The hot climate combined with the lack of food and medicine claimed the lives of many of the surviving refugees, including Akong's elder brother, Jamyang Chogyal. More . . .

Akong Rinpoche was murdered in Tibet on October 8th 2013.


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