Isolates of Valid Perception Exhibition at Goldsmiths

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Isolates of Valid Perception

A Photography Exhibition by Gerry McCulloch

8th November 2013 - 3rd February 2014
NAB Gallery, Goldsmiths, University of London, Lewisham Way, New Cross, London SE14 6NW.
Gallery Opening / All Welcome: Friday 8th November at 6pm
Isolates of Valid Perception is a still and moving-image project that explores subjective relationships between consciousness and its appearing objects. This is the first collection of images in the series.

Within the context of the premise, an isolate is loosely posited as a pictorial or sequential element. However, entire picture systems and indeed collections of pictures can function as isolates. Each isolate is imbued with subliminal sensory cues. Mundane isolates mirror immanent isolates and vice-versa.

Isolates ripen individually and collectively in the mindstream, but only if a trace of the isolate endures; uncontaminated by discursive elaboration in the perceptual continuum.

The temporal sequence of . . .

~          Meeting the isolate in open presence

~           Sustaining the primacy of sensory cognizance

~           Suspending the impulse to conceptualise

~           and Embracing corporeal reciprocity

. . . is important, because contact with the isolate dissolves when discernment is attempted through the lens of a pre-configured paradigm.

Isolates of Valid Perception is part of the Goldsmiths department of Media and Communications 35th Anniversary celebrations. The Gallery Opening on November 8th at 6pm comprises of a range of exhibitions and is preceded by a one-day Media SymposiumCreative Critical Radical
(The NAB Gallery is in building number 2 on downloadable Campus Maps) Opening times: Monday to Friday: 9am - 6pm



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